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Supported Living

Supported living focusses on providing support to individuals requiring support as an alternative to residential care.

This style of living provides more security, rights, choice and control compared to a residential care home. Support is configured to an individual as opposed to trying to fit into an existing structure.

Users will be empowered to make choices about their living. This consists of decisions as small as their daily activities to larger decisions regarding where they live or whether they work.

Users have their own tenancy in supported living. PBL Care have contacts with housing providers which can prove beneficial in choosing housing options (if required).

Supported Living is provided in a numerous ways:

  • Individuals may chose to live by themselves
  • Individuals may chose to share accommodation with spouse, friend or small group of friends
  • Engaging with a group already living together.

New projects timescales vary and are dependent upon the housing option or supported living requirements. During this time, we will work alongside an individual to ensure optimal supported living will be achieved. This work allows a present transition and ensures users will be content in their lives.